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What is Enneagram Coaching? 

Learning about the Enneagram can be quite the journey - it comes with both "aha" moments and discouragement. Lots of emotion comes into play as well: embarrassment, shame, humor, relief, compassion, etc. It's common to not know where to begin and be left with more questions than answers. 

Coaching, paired with the Enneagram, is a powerful approach to transformation. Coaching and the Enneagram are both centered around personal growth and self-awareness while holding the belief that every individual is the expert of his or her own life. 

As a coach, my role is to partner with you in a creative process that inspires maximum growth and potential. When it comes to utilizing the Enneagram effectively, the coaching process can help by establishing a plan for personal growth, inspiring new ideas, and creating an action plan that will turn new awareness into tangible forward movement towards personal or professional goals. 

Enneagram Coaching Packages

Beginner Enneagram Coaching

New to the Enneagram? Unsure of your type? 

What's included: 

  • Formal Typing Interview 

  • Three customized coaching sessions 

Advanced Enneagram Coaching

Already know your type and want to dive deeper? 

What's included: 

  • Six (+) customized coaching sessions