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Workshop Offerings

Foundations of the Enneagram

Want to Host a Foundations of the Enneagram Workshop? 

This unique introductory workshop is designed to lay a well-balanced and informed foundation. It's for both the beginner and the one already familiar with the Enneagram. Topics Include: 

  • The purpose of the Enneagram 

  • The Nine Types 

  • How the Enneagram can help us get unstuck 

  • Additional components include: reflections, assessments, questions & response, group discussion, etc. 

The Enneagram at Work 

Want to host an Enneagram at Work Workshop? 

The Enneagram offers us an incredible journey towards not only personal growth but professional growth as well. In this workshop, we'll discover how each of the nine types show up at work. A few  topics can include: 

  • Leadership Style

  • Unique Strengths

  • Mental, Behavioral, & Emotional Behaviors

  • Blindspots

  • How to best work with each type

The Enneagram & Marriage

Want to Host an Enneagram & Marriage Workshop? 

Marriage is an incredible gift - so why is it so hard sometimes? Why is it challenging to understand one another? With two imperfect people coming together to create one partnership, there's bound to be conflict. The Enneagram can give us some insight. 

This marriage workshop is designed to help couples not only better understand one another, but to set the foundation for continued learning, conversation, and growth. 

A few topics can include: 

  • Understanding your partner's unique hard-wiring (orientation to time, stances, etc.)

  • How to best support one another - knowing what your partner needs.

  • Using the Enneagram to improve communication, conflict, relational growth, etc. 

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